Changes and Updates at Copp Media Services

Copp Media has Moved

Copp Media has Moved!

Copp Media started working at home a week prior to the Covid recommendation to work remotely. Our goal was to get offices set up in each employee’s home, so that the transition was smooth and ensuring that all we needed to perform our work for clients would be seamless.

Two months after remote working, and just prior to thinking we were ready to move back to our offices, we were notified that our building had sold. The space that we called home would not be available past our lease.

Our management team started actively looking for another office space, believing that we would continue to lease. After 6 weeks of looking in the downtown area, we decided the best answer for us was to purchase the building located at 449 North McLean Blvd here in Wichita. We love the Delano area and thought that this building had the “bones” to be a perfect fit for us. The space allows five individual offices, a conference room, fitness area, several restrooms and kitchen. In addition, there is plenty of common area to enhance our work culture and allow for frequent brain storming sessions.

The decision to purchase a space instead of leasing was a difficult one, but one that we believe will be a benefit for clients and staff for years to come. The space and furnishings are almost complete, and we can’t wait to have events and client meetings at 449 North McLean Blvd.

Copp Media +1

Changes over the last year include a new addition to the Copp “family” as Reba and Cody welcomed Spencer into the world. While we gained another “family person”, the Kansas City Chiefs gained a little, soon to be “big” fan.

How Has Marketing Changed During the Move

While the move didn’t change marketing, the pandemic certainly changed how we marketed our clients’ services and products to their consumers. We know that during the initial stages of the Pandemic, people were consuming media at increased levels in almost every segment. What we also found is that consumption increases were generational. Below is a great visual of what happened with increased internet usage during the initial phases of the Quarantine.

Quarantine Internet Activies

Consumer Behaviors and Intents

So, how likely is the changed consumption likely to continue after the Pandemic? We are already seeing some habits returning to the pre-pandemic consumption – but we can only predict where we will be at the end of this crisis. We know that consumption of content remains extremely high. We also see the shift to online shopping, spending more time on leisure activities and value-based purchasing are trends that have continued. Global Wed Index conducted a second research in December 2020 to measure some of the consumption trends and the following is a snapshot of their findings. Interestingly, the Boomer audience is the only generation that continues to “mirror” the April 2020 consumption eight months later.

Pandemic Media Consumption

Business Marketing Changes

Consumer’s behaviors aren’t the only thing to change during the pandemic, businesses have had to adjust to these behaviors as well. While we think there are some clear differences in the way a B2B company will market and advertise versus a B2C company, there are also some overlapping strategies.
One of the biggest in our opinion is the way businesses are choosing to connect with the customer. More online video is being used to communicate and engage potential customers. Whether this is creating educational and informational videos or communicating using Zoom to replace the in-person meetings, this behavior is likely to stay long after the pandemic.
According to Twitter, some of the biggest trends for marketing during the pandemic are:

  • Digital Shopping Here to Stay
  • Brand Loyalty Eroding
  • Balancing Sustainability and Hygiene
  • Marketing Localization

Using an example of one of our clients, Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, they had to change internal marketing to accommodate their guests. Freddy’s is known for their in-store atmosphere that attracts families to the Freddy’s experience. During the pandemic they had to address consumer behaviors in a different way. The delivery companies such as Door Dash and Uber Eats were growing but the pandemic pushed them into full throttle growth. Because of this Freddy’s continues to evolve their product delivery strategy.

We Are Here for YOU

This hasn’t been an easy year and a half for any business. But it has also opened many opportunities like finding a forever home for Copp Media Services. Our team is available for you to discuss any challenges or changes your business has in adjusting to new consumer behaviors. We would be happy to sit down (or Zoom) and discuss the challenges and develop a media plan with solutions to help make your marketing and advertising efforts more successful moving forward. We specialize in traditional marketing, digital marketing, social media, SEO and partner with some of the best agencies in Wichita for creative and website design.