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The good old days are still the good old days.

Just because modern technology is evolving every day doesn’t mean we overlook the traditional means of marketing. We’ve spent our entire careers getting our clients’ messages to the world, and the tried and true methods still work. In addition to planning and buying for these outlets, we also have reporting tools in place to analyze the results.


Even though the methods by which we advertise are ever-expanding, people still spend more time with television than any other form of media. Creating long-standing relationships with television networks is the first step toward getting ads shown when the target audience is watching. Whether the goal is spot cable or network, we work to make sure our clients experience increased rating point levels and brand awareness through efficient TV marketing.


Sometimes being heard and not seen is exactly the right combination. Even better when the broadcast schedule is skillfully tailored for individual marketing plans. We negotiate and purchase radio spots based on our clients’ marketing goals, adding value to the campaign wherever possible. We’ll use our knowledge and media relationships to secure the most advantageous rates.


We’ll place your ad buy quickly and effectively, working toward the right size and distribution frequency for your campaign. We’ll help choose the optimal section, market and even zone where your ad will have the biggest impact and return on investment. We work with both local and national publications to make sure your reach is as far as you intend it to be.


No two magazines are exactly alike, and for this reason it’s crucial to place your ad in the ideal spot, preventing the wrong audience from skimming right over it. We’re here to help! We’ll help develop creative ways to make your company stand out, and get you the most competitive rates at the very same time. We work with local publications, national publications, syndication, and trade show magazines. Whether you’re reaching out to businesses or directly to consumers, we’ll help find the perfect placement for your ad.

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