Our mission is simple. Help clients succeed.

We don’t reach out to thousands, we reach out to hundreds.

Hundreds who are listening.

Social media is one of the main ways people interact with each other; you already know that. But did you know there are certain times it’s most effective to Tweet a message, or that certain types of Facebook posts receive more attention than others? We’ll help you create an integrated social media campaign that blends with your other marketing efforts, allowing your company to have one voice no matter where they’re hearing it.

The avenues of social media are winding.

But that doesn’t mean they’re difficult to navigate. The idea behind social media marketing is for your message to spread from user to user by “word of mouth,” which is the most effective form of marketing. The secret behind achieving that type of success is to spread a message users actually care about, and will vouch for of their own accord. Whether this means providing an offer they can claim and then share with their friends, or making them laugh with a funny quip, or just sharing information they feel is valuable, people are really good at being consumers on the social web. They consume more information today via social media outlets than ever before, making it a perfect central stage for our clients. If your friends tell their friends, and then they tell their friends, before you know it you’re reaching a captive audience you only hoped existed.

Have the right message, or no message at all.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? It doesn’t mean a thing if you’re sending the wrong message. In fact, you might as well be sending them a blank status update, because that’s all it will mean if it doesn’t resonate with them personally. We’ll help our clients figure out what that perfect message is, and then help them figure out the most effective ways to distribute it. Is it through Facebook offers or ads? Twitter updates? LinkedIn recommendations or ads? The possibilities for social media marketing seem to be expanding by the day, but we’re here to help keep our client’s message relevant.

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