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SEO and Marketing.

So you have a great advertising campaign in place, and you can’t wait for the business to start rolling in. But that won’t happen unless you have optimized (SEO) your site so search engines can find you. The way to make this happen changes like a revolving door, so we pride ourselves on keeping up with the perpetually updated curve.

Digital search engine optimization – SEO.

Your business stands for something; most likely a phrase could sum it up. If you break down that phrase, you get keywords. Those keywords should be consistent across all marketing efforts, including digital marketing ads. Search engines crawl your website to determine that your business is about what you say it’s about, validating it as legitimate. Now let’s take it one step further – if that same keyword shows up in the ads you’re displaying, consumers will associate it with your business. The end result is that users will search for you using that keyword, and because you’ve been consistent with the theme of your business, you’ll be positioned higher on their organic search results. We’ll help make it all happen.

You may know what SEO is, but do you know how search engines work and what factors help in determining a websites ranking on Google, Bing or Yahoo? Copp Media can help in answering your questions about SEO. Whether your question is about SEO costs, Content vs. Link Building for SEO, Onsite Optimization vs Offsite, Social Media SEO or if you just want to know what you should be looking for when choosing a SEO service, SEO company or SEO expert to fit your companies needs, contact us about addressing your goals and objectives.

What To Look For When Choosing An SEO Company

The SEO Company you are looking for will have references and testimonials from real clients. They should offer a clear strategy which they should be willing to share with you – it’s no secret! They will integrate a Social Media into your SEO campaign strategy. Their website will not look like it was created overnight. You should be able to read proper case studies to prove their worth accompanied by regular reports from Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools – information that can be trusted and not manipulated. This should be backed up by credible (and most importantly), uncomplicated information that you can easily understand.

Tips For Choosing SEO Companies

Stay away from the company that will guarantee rankings, submit your website to thousands of search engines, directories and promises of many other useless activities like a fast food menu. They offer thousands of inbound links for low monthly fees with promises of fast top of page one rankings and tout their methods as a well kept secret that only they know. These type of SEO practices will get you blacklisted and removed from indexing on Google. Their backlink strategies can ruin a site SEO in the long term and your reputation and website may never recover!

Local SEO in Wichita

Many companies don’t understand what is needed for local SEO. Whether your business is located in Wichita, KS or any other city in the world, Google results will be tailored to local content. This is especially true when searching from mobile devices. Try searching SEO Companies as an example and you will see the majority of results are local. There are many factors that impact local search results that include citations (places where your company, location and phone number are listed), local authority and schema data.

Copp Media Services partners with companies to provide national, global and local SEO in Wichita, KS. Interested in our search engine optimization services? Give us a call. or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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