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Media Planning & Strategy

Here at Copp Media, we develop media plans and strategies that merge traditional and non-traditional avenues to reach the consumer. At this stage, we work closely with not only our clients, but with advertising agencies and other creative agencies who will physically help set our plans in motion. We’ll use a combination of tv, radio, print, mobile media and digital media efforts to achieve our marketing goals.

The first step is getting to know your customers.

First things first! Selecting a target market lays a solid foundation upon which to build a comprehensive marketing strategy. Once we’ve figured out who we’re talking to, we’ll come up with a plan to get the message out there. Commercial time and space is becoming increasingly expensive and the marketplace is growing more and more competitive. Media plans need to reach targeted consumers as well as outmaneuver competition. Copp Media reviews past marketing strategies, identifies and prioritizes marketing objectives and helps to define target audiences and markets. Our aim is to design a course of action that will maximize exposure and therefore maximize profits.

Media planning is about connecting people to companies.

The key to great media planning is to be media agnostic. Media plans are not just concepts; this is a creative enterprise that can drive campaign ideas as well as identify new platforms where ideas can thrive. Media planning must therefore be thought of as the engine which drives a solid strategic approach. The plan is your investment strategy. It’s where your budget is spent to achieve superior results.

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