Our mission is simple. Help clients succeed.

Online, anytime.

Advertising online allows you to reach significantly larger audiences, and at a lower cost. Even better, we can help you target your ad campaigns directly at the slice of your audience who is most likely to become your customer. We’ll help you figure out who that core consumer is, help determine the optimal locations for ad placement, assist with implementation of your campaigns,
and analyze reports along the way. We’ll even help you optimize
them as the need arises.

Package deals have their benefits.

Digital media marketing has revolutionized the advertising world over the past few years, and in many cases the buying process has been streamlined to include package deals. We make sure to choose the packages best suited for our clients, and will weed out the extras that won’t reach the target audience or turn into conversions.

Data-driven, real time digital media buys.

We’re all about platform-based media buys and optimization, and we won’t make a purchase without first seeing the success numbers behind it. We monitor the performance of digital ads, and use the real time data to make any adjustments necessary to help achieve the over-reaching marketing objective.

Social Media Monitoring

They’re talking, are you listening?

Integrating the use of social media channels into your organization starts with listening. To define how and where you should be responding, you need to know how and where people are talking about you. The sheer volume of social media data can be hard to manage, though, without a proper platform to find and engage discussions that matter most to you. With Copp Media monitoring those conversations, you’ll be poised to absorb and act on the most relevant information people are sharing about your brand, products, competitors and industry.

Our Monitoring Dashboard is a complete social media monitoring, engagement, and workflow management platform created to help aggregate and analyze the comments people are making about your brand and products on the web. We view trends and dig deeper into specific posts to get a pulse on how your company is faring online.

Individual Social Media Monitoring plans will be created based on your specific digital goals and objectives. This will ensure we’re always moving the needle in the right social direction.

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