We are a media planning and buy company; that's all we do. And we do it quite well.

What We Offer

Here at Copp Media, we operate without fancy job titles or layers of paperwork to process; we believe these types of systems slow down projects. Each of us has the authority to work with any client to develop and implement strategies with an end goal of meeting the client’s marketing objective. While many times this involves media placements, sometimes it involves building unique promotions as well. The simple truth is: we’re not worried about how we’ll make money on a project. What we are concerned with is that our clients see measurable success.

We are a media planning and buying company; that’s all we do. And we do it well.

Our Services

We want our clients to know exactly what to expect from their advertising efforts. It’s one of the many reasons we develop an honest relationship with them from day one, and continue open communication every step of the way. Whether we’re providing one or all of the services below, our hearts are in it
one hundred percent.

Our Tools

Research is a critical element of our planning process. The research we do ensures we use the most advanced tools to help you reach your media goals.

  • Arbitron Surveys are used for audience analysis of radio
  • Nielsen Surveys are used for analysis of television
  • Newspaper Circulation Analysis (NCA) and Standard Rate and Data Services (SRDS) are used for print analysis
  • Outdoor Advertising Buying Guide is utilized in securing all outdoor companies in every city in the United States
  • SQUAD reports are used to estimate market costs throughout the U.S.
  • Scarborough reports are used to help determine shopping, media and lifestyle behaviors and best venues to reach the target consumer
  • Rentrak and Marshall Research are qualitative and quantitative tools used to analyze true vision audiences
Sound media planning is the key to success of any campaign. Copp Media Services uses the following systems/software:

  • STRATA – media analysis, media buying/orders and post analysis
  • Radian6 – social media monitoring
  • SEO Elite – Search Engine Optimization
  • Google AdWords, Market Samurai – pay per click analysis
  • NinjaCat – digital reporting software
  • Sprout Social – collaborative social media management and reporting platform
  • HubSpot – an inbound marketing software that gathers site visitor information
  • SEMRush – used for SEO, this tool helps build keyword lists and backlinks
  • Lucky Orange – allows you to see who is on your site and how they navigate your pages
  • Places Scout – helps to improve your local SEO
  • Moz – helps to manage citations

The Media Channels

We share your passion for success. It’s contagious, isn’t it? We believe we can – and do – make a measurable difference for each of the companies we serve. We maintain a balanced account base, including local, regional and national, global companies – small, medium and large accounts. Our favorite part of our work is that we tailor your media plan based on your size and goals. No two projects are the same!

Below are some of the outlets we may use to get your message out to the masses.


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