Copp Media Services, Inc. - Blog Feed en-us Recent blog posts from the Copp Media Services, Inc. website. <![CDATA[What is Remarketing?]]> Remarketing is a digital marketing strategy that is used to reach people who have visited your website before. A very useful tool for companies who struggle to make conversions, “retargeting serves ads to people more frequently after they have left a publisher’s website.”

How does remarketing work?

Remarketing Tag

When a user visits your site while a cookie is stored on the user’s browser. The cookie will store some information about the site visit, but nothing that is sensitive to the user (such as their name). This tag is accessed when the user searches for a keyword that is comparable to those on your website. When the user searches a keyword close to one used on the website, the cookie will be accessed and an ad will be placed into their search.

Benefits of Remarketing

Remarketing is used to target consumers, or those ready to buy your product or service. With options that target people close to your store front or browsing mobility, the likelihood of conversions spikes dramatically. The pricing for remarketing is also tailored to help you make the most of your money by allowing you to pay only when someone makes a conversion.

Types of remarketing

Search Remarketing

Search engine remarketing is a product of the relationship between search engines and search retargeting companies. Through search engine remarketing companies, a company can place a bid to have their inventory shown to a user again based on a keyword. Keywords used in remarketing require a lot less time in the keyword planner because the lack of competition in remarketing bring your ad up faster.

Email Remarketing

When a customer visits your site they can do one of three things: leave, click through, or make a conversion. Many users will browse a website and leave almost immediately, these users are few time profitable. With that being said, those who click through the site and are engaged are much more likely to make a purchase upon visiting again. When sites are involved in email remarketing an email will be sent to those who engaged with the site and did not make a conversion. By sending an email to these users, your product is in front of the customer’s face again almost immediately.

Banner Remarketing

Banner remarking is a new and improved way to remarket your brand. Instead of embedding a cookie with a short string of code, there is a pixel that allows your site to save information about your customers. This information can be used to target potential customers whom have already visited your site once before.

YouTube Remarketing

If a user interacts with a YouTube video from your channel (like, dislike, share) you are able to show them more of your videos with remarketing. This strategy is a good way to show your company more in depth and other aspects of your business. The best part of these remarketed ads are that you don’t have to pay for them unless the user either clicks on your ad or stays engaged over 30 seconds.

Remarketing on AdWords

How to Remarket on AdWords

Logon to your MyClientCenter and click on the +Campaign button and select “Display Network Only.” Once you are redirected to your campaign page, you will see “All Features” and a line, under that line you are given many options, select “Remarketing.” From here you are prompted to check a box to use dynamic ads. After you create your ads, all of the steps are identical to your other campaigns.

Dynamic Remarketing

Google AdWords offers dynamic remarketing which pushes offers and promotion onto four different ad groups. The first are “Buyers 3-60 Days,” or people who have purchased a similar product within the past two months. The other groups include “product viewers,” “non-product viewers” and “shopping cart abandoners.” You are able to place bids at different prices for each of these ad groups, just as you would for other segmented groups. Ads for your dynamic remarketing campaign can be made in AdWords in a similar fashions as those made for display or search network as are made. The major difference between these ads are the call to action buttons used to generate more conversions.

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<![CDATA[Best URL Structure for SEO]]> by: Marc Zwygart

After working on a few SEO campaigns for client websites this week, I decided to take a few minutes and share a few SEO tips related to URL structure and how important it is to SEO.

Often websites are built with the audience in mind and not the search engines. After all it is the end user who visits and engages with the content on your site. But it’s also important to cater to search engines who determine rankings for the content you do create.

SEO Best Practices

URLs describe a website or web page to visitors and search engines. Keeping them relevant, compelling, and accurate is key to ranking well. The URL of a website page should be as descriptive and brief as possible. If, for example, a website’s structure has many levels of files and folders for navigation, the URL should reflect this using folders and subfolders. Sites and pages will rank better in the search engines when created in this silo website structure.…/MBA%20Clothing%20Guidelines.pdf‎

URL one is a page on our Copp Media website and by looking at the silo URL structure you can see that the URL addresses “what we offer” and also the content that can be found on the page “search engine optimization”. Not only does the user know what this page is about before clicking, but so does Google! Would you be able to tell that the second example is also about seo? In the third example you can see what happens spaces are used in the URL (%).

Three Benefits of URLs

1. Semantics

A well-crafted URL should semantically make sense. The Copp Media URL above is a great example of an accurate silo URL structure. (Assuming the page actually is about what is described) It is easy to tell the subject of the URL just by examining its URL. Structuring your URLs in this way is not only beneficial to the user but also the search engines.

2. Relevancy

The other benefit of having a semantically correct URL, is that webmasters are more likely to get search engine-referred traffic due to the keywords in the URL. Think of your URL as a handshake with Google when you are introduced.

3. Links

Well written URLs can often serve as an added benefit in links because the use of anchor text within the link.

SEO Keyword Research

Last but not least, how do you know what words to use in your URLs? Think about your products or services and how would you describe that product or service in 1 – 3 words? There are many paid and free keyword tools available but Google provides a pretty good one with Keyword Planner.‎

Using keyword planner will not only allow you to find some nice words for your URL but maybe even a few phrases or keywords related to your business that you didn’t think about. Keyword Planner will provide an estimate of how many times per month your keywords are searched.

SEO URL Structure – 210 per month
Keyword Planner also gives related suggestions for Keywords:
SEO URL – 1,000 per month
Search Engine Optimization Tips – 2,900 per month
Search Engine Marketing – 12,100 per month
Search Engine Optimization Basics – 590 per month

One additional option will let you pull local search results as well. I was able to see how many people searched for keywords related to SEO in Wichita and in Kansas. If you are in the process of building a new website or overhauling your existing website and have questions regarding the URL structure of your site, you can reach me at 316-425-7065, email or through any of our social media channels.

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<![CDATA[Season Premieres: What Shows Are You Watching?]]> September is known for new Season Premieres, but this week in particular is “Premiere Week”. Season Premiere episodes of hot shows like Duck Dynasty, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and X Factor have already come and passed, but the majority of broadcast television premieres start the week of September 23rd.

What Are the Hot New TV Shows?

Every year there are few new shows that capture a lot of buzz in the marketplace. Here are just a few premieres you might want to catch, along with show summaries and what the critics are saying.

Agents of Shield Premiere (ABC – Tuesday 9/24 at 8/7C)
Agent Phil Coulson assembles a team to investigate extraordinary people and events around the world in this action-adventure series. In the premiere, the team goes after a man who has gained unusual and potentially dangerous powers.

With genre becoming more mainstream, S.H.I.E.L.D. stands a chance at attracting more viewers, as long as they’re not expecting The Avengers-on-TV. – Natalie Abrahms

The Blacklist Premiere (NBC – Monday 9/23 at 10/9C)
Ex-government agent and one of the FBI’s Most Wanted fugitives, Raymond “Red” Reddington (James Spader) mysteriously turns himself in to the FBI and offers to give up everyone he has ever worked with including a long-thought-dead terrorist but under one condition – he’ll only talk to newly-minted female FBI profiler, Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) with whom he seemingly has no connection.

“The Blacklist” blows it out of the water. – Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic

The Crazy Ones Premiere (CBS – Thursday 9/26 at 9/8C)
The single-camera entry revolves around the dynamics between a father named Simon Roberts (Robin Williams) and his daughter named Sydney Roberts (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and is set in the world of advertising. Sydney Roberts´s described as pretty, intense, driven, organized and burdened with being practical. Sydney is the creative director and life and soul of the Roberts and Roberts Advertising Agency at the center of the comedy. She wants to be her father but is too busy having to parent him.

All this mugging might have worked for Williams 20 years ago, but here it feels outdated and irritating. – Jessica Gross, BusinessWeek

The Michael J. Fox Show Premiere (NBC – Thursday 9/26 at 9:30/8:30C)
Look who’s making the news again! One of NY’s most beloved news anchors, Mike Henry (Michael J. Fox, “Spin City”, “Family Ties”), put his career on hold to spend more time with his family and focus on his health after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. But now five years later, with the kids busy growing up and Mike growing restless, it just might be time for him to get back to work. Having never wanted Mike to leave in the first place, his old boss Harris Green (Wendell Pierce, “Treme”, “The Wire”) jumped at the chance to get him back on TV.

Rooting for Fox’s NBC comeback would be easier if his show was better. – Brian Lowry, TV Columnist

Hostages Premiere (CBS – Monday 9/23 at 10/9C)
“Hostages,” from executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer, stars Emmy Award winner Toni Collette and Golden Globe Award winner Dylan McDermott in a high-octane suspense drama about Dr. Ellen Sanders, a premiere surgeon thrust into a chilling political conspiracy when her family is taken hostage by rogue FBI Agent Duncan Carlisle. Ellen and her family are held captive in their home by Carlisle, a desperate man doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, who orders her to assassinate the President when she operates on him.

“Hostages” attempts to unite a cable-model show with a broadcast-network audience. – Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic

How Do New Shows Impact Media Buying?

Purchasing new programming can be somewhat risky and does require careful consideration. Media buyers should look at audience trends to project how strong the viewership of prime programs. New programming does not have that historical information. While there may be a few “winners”; there tends to be more “losers” for new programming. We would suggest looking at whether the new program is placed in strong time periods (nights that typically perform well for the network). What is the lead in (show that airs just prior to the new program? What is lead out (program that follows)? Is the new program up against a highly rated proven program on another network? Have programs “like this one” succeeded in the past? Failed in the past? If you have access to NSI overnight numbers, how are the new programs performing? We would also caution not to place a large share of your prime dollars against new programming, select new programming very carefully and not just purchase what program is the least expensive.

Where Can You Watch Fall Premieres?

Many of the networks have chosen to offer the premieres for each new show on their websites. You may have to watch a few commercials but you also get the scoop before everyone else!

Premiere Week Calendar

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<![CDATA[Pandora Adds Inventory]]> How we consume media evolves and many of us stream music using digital versions. Rather it’s Pandora, iHeartRadio or Spotify – this landscape is changing.

Pandora will now be increasing the number of advertisements that run within an hour of listening. While the previous standard was four per hour, that has been increased (although that number has not been disclosed).

When free versions of these apps are used, it’s not surprising these companies are setting new standards to increase their revenue.

Chart Source From Statista

Full Story Here

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<![CDATA[Hispanic Audiences are Leapfrogging to Mobile]]> Hispanic consumers are making the leap from traditional media straight to mobile; essentially, skipping desktop consumption altogether.

According to sources like Entravision, ESPN Deportes Radio and USA Touchpoints the Hispanic audience is more likely to be a multiplatform user (70%) compared to the general audience (55%). This, in turn, affects how business should be advertising to these consumers. Mobile should be utilized in conjunction with traditional television and radio to engage the Hispanic market where they’re consuming their media.

Hispanic listeners go directly to mobile.

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<![CDATA[Welcome to Our New Website!]]> Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce our brand new presence online. Now you can get to know a little bit more about us as we continue to make your money work hard for your business.

So click around, and let us know what you think! Here are some highlights:

Read our individual bios, and find out what we’re all about. Get information on all the services we proudly offer. Find out what our clients are saying about us! Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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