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Using the latest tools and trends, Copp Media sets the industry standard in digital and traditional advertising. Best in class for strategy, media buying, social media tactics, and more, Copp Media is the top choice for businesses who love outperforming their competition.

Serious advertising solutions

No gimmicks, no fancy catch phrases. Just all the right tools, implemented the right way to give you the results you need to succeed. Copp Media is a group of marketing professionals with decades of combined experience that will always get the job done.

Digital Media

Even modest budgets can compete in an increasingly crowded advertising space by targeting very specific audiences.

Traditional Media

Even in a digital world, traditional media is still a tangible way for users to engage with your brand.

Social Media

We’ll help you create an integrated social media campaign that blends seamlessly with other marketing efforts.

Content Creation

There’s nothing more powerful than using an image, a phrase, or idea to connect with individuals on a personal level – compelling them to action.

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Detailed digital marketing insights

Copp Media thrives on the electric pace of digital advertising trends layered with traditional support when it makes sense for your company. Using unrivaled insight and market research, campaigns are analyzed to the finest detail revealing how your audience behaves.

Advanced reporting, built just for you

Businesses all over the world have told us their hopes and dreams for growing their companies. We put that knowledge at the core of our efforts to create effective marketing strategies that deliver.

Copp Media uses marketing tools meticulously developed for achieving high level results, while delivering clear audience metrics for measuring engagement. We have nothing to hide which means you’ll know everything we know – always.

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Traditional media engagement

Radio, television, billboards and print are all critical for the maximum engagement of your audience. Whatever your message or advertising goal, we will use traditional media to reinforce your message for total brand awareness.

30+ Years In Business

There is no substitute for experience. Period.

Proven Strategies

We look at your needs and use proven tactics that get results.

Results Driven

Our focus will always be on your success - and the numbers never lie.


Advertising Solutions

While there’s nothing simple about what we do, our clients all agree that our approach to digital marketing is refreshingly easy.

Copp Media is an elegant advertising machine built on experience, market research, sound strategy and proven tactics. We take your goals and apply our expertise to deliver incredible, customized campaigns.

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